Round-Up: Comedians with Podcasts

The world is on fire (like literally, the rainforest is burning. I didn’t even know something with the word “rain” could do that). I know, that’s super negative. But, not to fear, we have a few podcast recommendations that will help you go on a mental vacation. We all love to laugh here at DYEP, so we thought we would do a quick round-up of podcasts with comedians as hosts.

147221A podcast/comedian we constantly rave about is Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai. You may know him from Buzzfeed’s Whine About It. (If not, get out from under that rock you’ve been subletting and watch this video. It will get you ready for Fall.) ((And if you really want to jump into the rabbit hole, read his blog here. You can thank us later.)) This podcast is a new adventure for Matt after he left Buzzfeed. It is guaranteed to make you lol for real. The best part is listening to the news updates at the beginning and waiting for the “Only in Florida” sound when undoubtedly someone did something stupid in Florida.

357977What do you get when you cross the fantastic comedian Beth Stelling, her mother, and a phone call with other celebs’ moms? We Called Your Mom from Stitcher*. An adorable concept and a great way to hear about those embarrassing baby stories featuring your favorite celeb.
*Unfortunately, you have to be a Stitcher Premium member to access this podcast.

3aa125e05b887c44051c5f0ab0ebab13c21c10ad3a40916995d691ffd64ee164b2d80e32266edb00180a4134ac1d1d038766fefd46cd3993f17ddf1f57ab429bAnd as always, Lainey’s always singing from the rooftops about Good One from HeadGum. Although this doesn’t have a comedian host, it does have interviews with comedians, covering one of their jokes from start to finish. Hilarity ensues. The last episode “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Catskills Set” with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino will make you laugh as much as it makes you nostalgic for Gilmore Girls.

uelogoIf you like your laughs served up with a side of the unexpected, try out The Unofficial Expert from the Forever Dog Podcast Network. Each week, co-hosts and professional comedians Marie Faustin and Sydnee Washington bring on another comedian and chat about their guest’s area of expertise—from life as a sugar baby, to code switching, to living your best “Hot Boy Summer.” Laughs abound (but be aware, there’s some explicit language in the mix).

GOSSIP_Cover_WebThere are a million fiction podcasts out now, but not quite as many that are…well, light. From immersive doomsday scenarios to heavily plotted mysteries, there are plenty of fiction podcasts if you’re looking for a thrill. But, amidst the darkness is Gossip from Stitcher, a fully scripted show that is as entertaining as your favorite TV dramedy. This twelve episode pod was created by comedian Allison Raskin and follows three female friends who share the juicy rumors swirling around their town. It’s way too much fun and each episode even has a cute piece of accompanying comic art.

—Alex & Lainey

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