S4: E5 I Fell Into A Rabbit Hole with Capitalism (feat. Red Flag)

July is here, pod pals! Here’s the run-down of our episode this month. We start out with some pod news, followed by a round of what Alex and Lainey are listening to. After Lainey shares her BYOP (Bring Your Own Podcast) pick, you’ll hear an interview with Chellese Grove and Beau York from the RedContinue reading “S4: E5 I Fell Into A Rabbit Hole with Capitalism (feat. Red Flag)”

S4: E4 We’re Back, Loves! (feat. LGBTQ&A)

It’s June, pod pals! Summer is here and we’re keeping you cool with all the recommendations. June is also Pride Month, and we hope you’re finding ways to celebrate this month, as well as honor the LGBTQIA+ leaders and activists who have come before. We have a great interview with Jeffrey Marsh of LGBTQ&A, asContinue reading “S4: E4 We’re Back, Loves! (feat. LGBTQ&A)”

Guest Pod Post: Sinduja Srinivasan and Anna Rothschild from PODCAST-19

We’re pleased to share a new guest pod post this week! Sinduja Srinivasan and Anna Rothschild share a bit about their timely project PODCAST-19. ### We’re PODCAST-19 from FiveThirtyEight, hosted by Anna Rothschild. Anna is FiveThirtyEight’s Senior Video Producer. Previously, she was the on-air science host for The Washington Post, where she launched the variety show ScienceContinue reading “Guest Pod Post: Sinduja Srinivasan and Anna Rothschild from PODCAST-19”

It’s Been A Minute!

Hey Pod Pals, We’ve missed you—it’s been too long! The past couple months, we’ve been hard at work regrouping and focusing on the strongest strategy to give you the best recommendations and line up some exciting interviews. While a hiatus isn’t always easy, we’re very excited about the great things ahead. Our editorial calendar isContinue reading “It’s Been A Minute!”

S4: E3 We’re Pros on Cons Here at DYEP!

Happy February pod pals! Buckle up for lots of recommendations… Do You Even Podcast? · We’re Pros on Cons Here at DYEP! In the (Podcast) News For mindfulness and meditation related content, try out The Daily Shine. The show is part of a larger company and initiative known as Shine, which seeks to make mentalContinue reading “S4: E3 We’re Pros on Cons Here at DYEP!”