Guest Pod Post: Marcus Wong from The ABSURDIST NEWS Podcast

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on fellow podcaster Marcus Wong (Max) from the Absurdist News podcast. Absurdist News is basically two truths and a lie with news articles! Each week a host presents 5 crazy news articles, upon which one of them is fake. At the end, the other two people have to guess which news article is the fake one. Find the podcast on iTunes and Spotify or on twitter @Absurdist_News.


Can’t get enough of people doing absolutely crazy things in the world? Yeah, us too. We at Absurdist News tackle the weird and funny news stories of the world with a fake news article thrown into the mix. Hosted by Marks, Max, and Dave, every Wednesday we review 5 news articles, upon which 1 of the articles is fake.

We like to take a comedic approach when doing our research of news articles, and thankfully podcasting has grown to the point where there’s plenty of news stories published! In this exploding industry, almost anyone can start a podcast, and as soon as you let the flood gates open up, you know some ridiculous news stories will come up.

Can you guess which one of these podcast related articles are fake? You’d be surprised. We usually are.

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