Your Winter Podcast Cuddle Buddies

Hey listeners,

We’re taking a break from recording this week, but no fear—plenty of recommendations are here! Perhaps you’ve gotten your fill of holiday family time, or maybe you’re simply looking to switch up your pod rotation for the rest of December. Either way, here are a few snuggly podcasts to keep you company through the cold winter months.

Find a category and get to bingeing!

Journalistic & Investigative

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 6.55.30 PMLove a narrative deep-dive? Try out all three seasons of Slate’s Slow BurnIf you’re a presidential history fan, the first two seasons will meet your needs (they focus on the scandals surrounding Nixon and Clinton. The third season switches it up and follows the murders of music legends Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.


npr_codeswitch_podcasttilePerhaps the holidays have brought up some tough conversations about identity, race, or politics and you need some backup…try Code Switch from NPR! With episodes dating back to 2016 and continuing content, there’s plenty to dive into for the rest of winter.


Fictional & Storytelling

imagined life

Imagined Life from Wondery is the perfect podcast for those who appreciate a blend of fiction and nonfiction elements. Focusing on a different historical figure each week, this storytelling show keeps you guessing until the very end.



OHC+Season+2+LogoSeeking something a little more magical? The Orbiting Human Circus might be your pick! From WNYC Studios and the creators of Nightvale Presents, this immersive audio production has been going strong since 2018 and features a star studded cast including Tim Robbins, Charlie Day, John Cameron Mitchell, and many others.

True Crime

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 10.13.57 AMThere’s a reason My Favorite Murder has a ravenous, unmatched fan base—if you’re looking for the most bingeable true crime around, give them a shot. They release episodes twice a week (from full length to minisodes to live shows), so there’s sure to be an episode for you.


scam goddessIf murder isn’t your style, Scam Goddess (Earwolf) has you covered with all the best cons and rackets. Host Laci Mosley brings her signature humor to the show with new episodes every week, and don’t miss all the hilarious guests.




npr_tdconcerts_podcasttileAt DYEP, we’re huge fans of Tiny Desk from NPR! This great pod has introduced us to new artists, but it’s also shown us another side of our old favorites. Make sure to check out the Youtube channel for the full videos.



song explFor a deeper dive into music, try Song Exploder. Every week, a different creator breaks down their songs and walks listeners through their creative process. There’s something for everyone, from fans of Meek Mill to lovers of Bon Iver.



Happy listening and happy holidays!


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