S3: E17 The Two Words You Can Never Say on a Podcast

Hey Podpals,

We hope you’re as thrilled about our new format as we are! Every month, we’ll share some updates and recent listens, a BYOP, and an interview with a special guest.

Updates, News, and Recommendations

Our recent recs and listens include:

In honor of Black History Month, we also provided a roundup of podcasts from black creators, or shows that uplift black stories and voices:

BYOP (Bring-Your-Own-Podcast)

This week, Alex brought the deets on Subtitle, a podcast focusing on linguistics and how language affects the world around us. Here’s a quickie description from the creators themselves:

Language unites and divides us. It mystifies and delights us. Patrick Cox and Kavita Pillay tell the stories of people with all kinds of linguistic passions: comedians, writers, researchers; speakers of endangered languages; speakers of multiple languages; and just speakers—people like you and me.

Alex discussed “Words We Love to Hate,” “The Language of Diamonds,” and “Gullah Geechee Enters The Academy,” but there are plenty more episodes to binge.

Check out the podcast here on Twitter, and visit the website for photo content and a space to keep the conversation going.

Interview with On the Green Fence Hosts Neil King and Gabriel Borrud

Make sure to listen to our deep dive on all things environmentally focused with Neil and Gabe, the hosts of On The Green Fence! Here’s a quick description of the show:

Two regular guys with no set environmental
views—hosts Neil King and Gabriel Borrud—explore controversial issues through the lives of real people. Their inquisitive and entertaining adventures take them across Germany, talking with climate protesters, an organic farmer and a wolf psychologist, taking a shower with contaminated water, fighting mosquitoes and going dumpster diving.  Equipped with a good dose of skepticism about the greenies, American Gabriel and British-German Neil bring their very personal views on their journeys into new terrain in this five-part
mini series.

We had an enlightening and inspiring discussion with the two of them—check it out, and you might even catch a few juicy details about their upcoming season.

Connect with them on Twitter (@dw_environment) and Instagram (@dw_globalideas), and you can find episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Thanks for joining us—we’ll see you next month!


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