It’s Been A Minute!

Hey Pod Pals, We’ve missed you—it’s been too long! The past couple months, we’ve been hard at work regrouping and focusing on the strongest strategy to give you the best recommendations and line up some exciting interviews. While a hiatus isn’t always easy, we’re very excited about the great things ahead. Our editorial calendar isContinue reading “It’s Been A Minute!”

Black History Month Recommendations!

Hi pod pals! I’m hopeful that you’re all celebrating and supporting Black creators every month of the year, but I’m excited to shout out some of the show in my rotation if you’re looking for some new listens. Still Processing This podcast from The New York Times is hosted by contributors Jenna Wortham and WesleyContinue reading “Black History Month Recommendations!”

S4: E3 We’re Pros on Cons Here at DYEP!

Happy February pod pals! Buckle up for lots of recommendations… Do You Even Podcast? · We’re Pros on Cons Here at DYEP! In the (Podcast) News For mindfulness and meditation related content, try out The Daily Shine. The show is part of a larger company and initiative known as Shine, which seeks to make mentalContinue reading “S4: E3 We’re Pros on Cons Here at DYEP!”

Guest Pod Post: Elizabeth Emery from Hear Her Sports

Pod pals, we have another great guest joining us on the blog—please welcome Elizabeth Emery, the creator and host of Hear Her Sports. Elizabeth Emery is a big fan of sports and female athletes. She leaves every interview smiling, super excited, energized, and motivated. She loves introducing their inspiring stories to a larger audience. ###Continue reading “Guest Pod Post: Elizabeth Emery from Hear Her Sports”

Guest Pod Post: Kristen Meinzer from the MOVIE THERAPY WITH RAFER AND KRISTEN Podcast

Pod pals, please welcome Kristen Meinzer back to the blog! Kristen is a podcast extraordinaire and she’s joined us to talk about Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen, a show that will provide “questionable advice and solid movie recommendations for whatever ails you.” ### COVID BROUGHT US BACK A year ago, my friend Rafer GuzmanContinue reading “Guest Pod Post: Kristen Meinzer from the MOVIE THERAPY WITH RAFER AND KRISTEN Podcast”