We’re Back! Sneak Peak at Season 4

Hi Pod Pals! We’ve missed you! Join us for a quick catch up and hear about our first interview of the new season: Bodies with Allison Behringer. That episode will be coming out on December 1, 2020. Until then, we gave you a few podcasts to tide you over.

Listen to the episode here:

What Lainey is listening to:

What Alex is listening to:

  • To remember acclaimed actor Chadwick Boseman, Song Exploder reissued their episode “Ludwig Göransson – Black Panther
  • Alex was both in awe and in tears with Radiolab‘s “Falling” episode
  • How to Talk to Mamí and Papí About Anything has plenty of great episodes to cross generational divides, and Alex recommends “Dad Denies Systemic Racism

We mentioned our COVID podcast list. Check that out here.

Calendar Corner

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