S3: E10 Writing an In-TREE-GUING Obituary

Hi Pod Pals,

This week we covered a lot of ground! Listen to the podcast and find a list of the podcasts we covered, including Lainey’s deep dive into Mobituaries from Mo Rocca in her BYOP (Bring Your Own Podcast), below.

Round-ups of what we are currently listening to included:

From Alex: Throwing Shade, Slow Burn, and The City.

From Lainey: The Daily, The History Chicks, and Reliable Sources.



This week, Lainey chose Mobituaries with Mo Roacca as her BYOP. From the website: “Mo Rocca’s long love of obituaries has him led to create Mobituaries, an irreverent but deeply researched appreciation of the people (and things) of the past who have long intrigued him—from an unsung Founding Father to the first Chinese-American superstar, from Neanderthals to the station wagon.”

Find out all about his book, listen to the podcast episodes I mentioned, and see supplemental content from the show here.

Find the hilarious Wishbone article we referenced here. You’ll laugh so hard. #Only90sKids

Thanks for joining us! See you next week.


S3: E8 Should I Throw My Crystals Away?

Hey listeners!

On the eighth episode of this season, my BYOP was America Dissected, a pod that covers the intersection of medicine and politics.

I had a feeling Lainey would be on board, since America Dissected falls under the Crooked Media umbrella and we’re historically big fans of their shows. This particular pod, hosted by Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, is no exception! If you’re interested in anything related to public health, from vaccinations to perceptions of drug addiction to the Flint Water Crisis, this show has something for you.

And if you’re eager for more content, Ethan Lindenberger (interviewed by Dr. El-Sayed) has a great Ted Talk discussing his experience and the importance of vaccines!


Happy listening!


S3: E4 A Highbrow Podcast

Hi there, podpals!

OnePlusOne-300x300I’m stoked to share a bit more about the second BYOP of the season—One Plus One from the powerhouse and podcast publisher Wondery. Here’s a quick show description from their website:

Every great collaboration is a love story. It’s intense. Passionate. Along the way, there’s flashes of love, hate, pride, ego, ambition, and brilliance. Think: Jay-Z and Beyonce. Google’s Sergei Brin and Larry Page. Lenin and Trotsky. The Lakers’ Shaq and Kobe. From Wondery, the company behind the hit podcast “Business Wars,” comes ONE PLUS ONE, an ongoing series about what happens when two geniuses come together to do something they could never accomplish on their own. In each six-episode series, hosts Rico Gagliano (Safe for Work) and Faith Salie (CBS’ This Morning) will bring you the ups and downs of the world’s greatest and most dramatic collaborations. And they will look at some key questions: Why does creative tension often spark something magical? And what can we learn from these stories to help with our own life and work partnerships?

If you listened to our September 28 episode, then you know that this show covers the relationships between a very wide range of collaborators—from Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, to Kobe and Shaq, to Kim and Kris Kardashian. And honestly, that’s what makes this show so special!

ImaginedLife-300x300On our episode, I also gushed about another fantastic Wondery podcast called Imagined Life—if you love immersive storytelling that isn’t exactly fictional, then give it a try! You won’t regret it.

And, to find more wonderful Wondery podcasts, check out their list of shows or follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@WonderyMedia).

Happy listening!


S3: E2 I Don’t Think Steven Tyler, Our 10th President, Would be Happy to Hear About This.

Hey y’all!

Welcome to another week-end and the promise of two whole days of opportunities for podcast binging. Our second episode of the third season is available now. We got right into it and offered you podcast updates/news, new podcast verticals coming out, and a BYOP (Bring Your Own Podcast)!

You can listen to the podcast here:

As promised, here’s a Netflix wrap-up.

We spoke about Present Company with Eddie Murphy and I Hate Talking About Myself with various Netflix celebs.

Here are a few articles about the cool things Netflix is creating in the podcasting space:

Alex mentioned the new podcast series from the New York Times, 1619. You can also find the Code Switch episode, “20 And Odd. Negroes” that Lainey mentioned here.


Now that we are done with the housekeeping, on to the first BYOP of the season!

imrs.phpI covered Presidential from the Washington Post.

The show description is: “In 44 chronological episodes, the “Presidential” podcast takes listeners on an epic historical journey through the personality and legacy of each of the American presidents. Created and hosted by Washington Post reporter Lillian Cunningham, “Presidential” features interviews with the country’s greatest experts on the presidency, including Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers Doris Kearns Goodwin, David McCullough, Jon Meacham and Bob Woodward. Start listening at the very beginning, with the life of George Washington, or jump ahead to any president whose story you want to better understand.”

It is created and hosted by Washington Post reporter Lillian Cunningham.

They also released a second series in 2017, Constitutional, which explores important arguments over the U.S. Constitution in history “and influential figures who shaped and reshaped the words and spirit of that document over time.”

The third podcast series I mentioned from the WP is Moonrise, which “explores the real origin story of America’s decision to go to the moon, digging into declassified presidential documents, the nuclear arms race of the Cold War, and even the birth of science fiction, to unearth a story that has so much to reveal about our country—and about being human on this Earth.”

You can follow Presidential on Twitter at @presidential_wp and to see the Louis Marx & Co. figures and the figures made by Patric M. Verrone for the show on Instagram at @presidential_wp.

You can also access all transcripts from the show on their website here.

We also mentioned Edge of Fame from the Washington Post. A great one to start with is “Ms. Pat Is The American Dream.”

That’s it for us! Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you next week!