S3: E2 I Don’t Think Steven Tyler, Our 10th President, Would be Happy to Hear About This.

Hey y’all!

Welcome to another week-end and the promise of two whole days of opportunities for podcast binging. Our second episode of the third season is available now. We got right into it and offered you podcast updates/news, new podcast verticals coming out, and a BYOP (Bring Your Own Podcast)!

You can listen to the podcast here:

As promised, here’s a Netflix wrap-up.

We spoke about Present Company with Eddie Murphy and I Hate Talking About Myself with various Netflix celebs.

Here are a few articles about the cool things Netflix is creating in the podcasting space:

Alex mentioned the new podcast series from the New York Times, 1619. You can also find the Code Switch episode, “20 And Odd. Negroes” that Lainey mentioned here.


Now that we are done with the housekeeping, on to the first BYOP of the season!

imrs.phpI covered Presidential from the Washington Post.

The show description is: “In 44 chronological episodes, the “Presidential” podcast takes listeners on an epic historical journey through the personality and legacy of each of the American presidents. Created and hosted by Washington Post reporter Lillian Cunningham, “Presidential” features interviews with the country’s greatest experts on the presidency, including Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers Doris Kearns Goodwin, David McCullough, Jon Meacham and Bob Woodward. Start listening at the very beginning, with the life of George Washington, or jump ahead to any president whose story you want to better understand.”

It is created and hosted by Washington Post reporter Lillian Cunningham.

They also released a second series in 2017, Constitutional, which explores important arguments over the U.S. Constitution in history “and influential figures who shaped and reshaped the words and spirit of that document over time.”

The third podcast series I mentioned from the WP is Moonrise, which “explores the real origin story of America’s decision to go to the moon, digging into declassified presidential documents, the nuclear arms race of the Cold War, and even the birth of science fiction, to unearth a story that has so much to reveal about our country—and about being human on this Earth.”

You can follow Presidential on Twitter at @presidential_wp and to see the Louis Marx & Co. figures and the figures made by Patric M. Verrone for the show on Instagram at @presidential_wp.

You can also access all transcripts from the show on their website here.

We also mentioned Edge of Fame from the Washington Post. A great one to start with is “Ms. Pat Is The American Dream.”

That’s it for us! Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you next week!


Round-Up: Comedians with Podcasts

The world is on fire (like literally, the rainforest is burning. I didn’t even know something with the word “rain” could do that). I know, that’s super negative. But, not to fear, we have a few podcast recommendations that will help you go on a mental vacation. We all love to laugh here at DYEP, so we thought we would do a quick round-up of podcasts with comedians as hosts.

147221A podcast/comedian we constantly rave about is Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai. You may know him from Buzzfeed’s Whine About It. (If not, get out from under that rock you’ve been subletting and watch this video. It will get you ready for Fall.) ((And if you really want to jump into the rabbit hole, read his blog here. You can thank us later.)) This podcast is a new adventure for Matt after he left Buzzfeed. It is guaranteed to make you lol for real. The best part is listening to the news updates at the beginning and waiting for the “Only in Florida” sound when undoubtedly someone did something stupid in Florida.

357977What do you get when you cross the fantastic comedian Beth Stelling, her mother, and a phone call with other celebs’ moms? We Called Your Mom from Stitcher*. An adorable concept and a great way to hear about those embarrassing baby stories featuring your favorite celeb.
*Unfortunately, you have to be a Stitcher Premium member to access this podcast.

3aa125e05b887c44051c5f0ab0ebab13c21c10ad3a40916995d691ffd64ee164b2d80e32266edb00180a4134ac1d1d038766fefd46cd3993f17ddf1f57ab429bAnd as always, Lainey’s always singing from the rooftops about Good One from HeadGum. Although this doesn’t have a comedian host, it does have interviews with comedians, covering one of their jokes from start to finish. Hilarity ensues. The last episode “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Catskills Set” with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino will make you laugh as much as it makes you nostalgic for Gilmore Girls.

uelogoIf you like your laughs served up with a side of the unexpected, try out The Unofficial Expert from the Forever Dog Podcast Network. Each week, co-hosts and professional comedians Marie Faustin and Sydnee Washington bring on another comedian and chat about their guest’s area of expertise—from life as a sugar baby, to code switching, to living your best “Hot Boy Summer.” Laughs abound (but be aware, there’s some explicit language in the mix).

GOSSIP_Cover_WebThere are a million fiction podcasts out now, but not quite as many that are…well, light. From immersive doomsday scenarios to heavily plotted mysteries, there are plenty of fiction podcasts if you’re looking for a thrill. But, amidst the darkness is Gossip from Stitcher, a fully scripted show that is as entertaining as your favorite TV dramedy. This twelve episode pod was created by comedian Allison Raskin and follows three female friends who share the juicy rumors swirling around their town. It’s way too much fun and each episode even has a cute piece of accompanying comic art.

—Alex & Lainey

Alex’s Pod-cation

Although we’re taking a summer break from recording, that hasn’t slowed my listening habits! That is also pretty surprising, considering the crazy amount of traveling I’ve been up to the past few months…

Although I’ve been hopping around, taking a long weekend here and there, my favorite recent trip was to the Pacific Northwest. Spending three days in Seattle and three days in Vancouver was a whirlwind of a journey, but absolutely worth it. The views were gorgeous, the weather was pretty much perfect, the food was INCREDIBLE, and along the way I had a handy dandy stash of podcasts.

My pod interests are varied, but my pod-pals know that I’m a sucker for a show that’s either nerdy, or an intimate docu-series with heart. Pair those interests with the long flights to the West Coast, and naturally I was searching for binge-able listens.

My picks for travel?

Radiolab Presents: “G”

RadioLab logo

This beloved podcast is always covering something mind-blowing, but I fell down the rabbit hole with this mini-series that delved into the concept of intelligence. Really fascinating stuff that, at times, dipped into Black Mirror-esque territory. Plus, there are six episodes to work through, each around 50 minutes long. I downloaded these episodes to my phone and jumped in during those cross-country flights.


Ear Hustle (Season 4)

ear hustle logoI will never *not* recommend this podcast—it’s my heart and soul, and if you love shows that get close and personal, this is the show for you. Following the lives of inmates and former inmates of San Quentin State Prison in California, Ear Hustle offers a humanizing and honest look at incarceration. Also, it has a five-star rating and 13,000+ reviews on iTunes—you can’t argue with that. Personally, I was behind on Season 4, so I spent my hours-long bus ride from Seattle to Vancouver catching up with co-hosts Earlonne and Nigel.


Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day 

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 5.39.47 PMI think everyone can agree there are some words that you walk around your entire life mispronouncing, until someone finally pulls you aside. Although I had plenty of time to listen to pods while on planes, trains, and automobiles, I had to find shorter pods to fit around sightseeing and actual vacation-ing. These episodes are only 2 minutes long—give it a quick listen in the AM. The nerd in me is probably too excited about which words they’ll include in future episodes.

Lainey’s August BYOP

My newest podsession? Factually, with Adam Conover.                Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 7.13.09 PM.png

This summer, I’ve been on a bit of a podcast break. I listen to my daily pods for news, but I’ve been trying to take a break from my usual binges in the hope that I’ll be able to come back from our DYEP break with fresh eyes, revitalized. But one podcast has me repetitively hitting the ‘next episode’ button.

If you are a fan of Adam Ruins Everything or just Adam Conover in general, you’ll love Factually! with Adam Conover. Adam is known for, well, ruining everything. His short tv series dives into generalizations, old wives tales, misconceptions, or widely accepted facts and tells you why they aren’t always true. The episode I probably reference most is the one on malls and vitamins. Check it out…you may or may not thank me later. While this show is highly edited and Adam plays a hyperbolic version of himself, his new podcast is a little more conversational. I love deep dives and this podcast teaches you actual facts, usually reversing a belief you assumed to be true. It’s a great way to continue your obnoxious “well, I heard on a podcast…” rants that your friends hate (lovehate?) so much. That’s just me? Oh, well, they’ll get over it.

Here are some facts about the show:
Episode length: a little over an hour, usually
Date started: May 29, 2019
Episode make-up: Adam introduces the topic (with facts, obviously) and then interviews an expert.
Produced by: Earwolf
If you like…, you’ll like this one: Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

(coincidentally, also an Earwolf podcast)

A few episode recommendations to start with:

Mass Incarceration, Accountability and The Wire with James Forman Jr.

Happy podcasting,



From Lucie, with Love

Hi Pod Pals!

I hope everyone is having a glorious summer and listening to lots of pods (some GREAT ones have come out this summer)! I’m writing in today to share some news with you all—I have decided to leave the podcast and will not be joining Lainey and Alex for subsequent seasons of Do You Even Podcast?.

We felt it was best for me to give y’all the news directly, and in true DYEP fashion, I want to be transparent about this transition. This decision was not made lightly, and I spent months agonizing over the decision before approaching my fellow co-hosts about it. My life changed quite a bit after we wrapped season 1 in early summer 2018. I moved from New York City to Atlanta and started graduate school at Georgia Tech. As much as this new adventure has been tremendous for my personal growth and my professional prospects, it also made recording season 2 of DYEP a lot more complicated. Balancing the podcast with school and a variety of other personal challenges (read: long-distance relationship! resurgent insomnia! being broke and in student debt up to my eyeballs!) became increasingly difficult over the course of season 2. Recognizing that my second year in graduate school will require even more of my time and consume even more of my headspace, it didn’t seem fair to continue being only partly committed to the podcast. My podcasting partners deserve more than that, and you all deserve more than that.

And so with that, I am leaving DYEP in the very capable hands of Lainey and Alex, and I will be cheering for them from the sidelines as they continue to move the podcast forward and nurture this project we started in the fall of 2017.

Do You Even Podcast? has been a hugely fulfilling part of my life. I’d never embarked on a collaborative passion project before and had zero experience producing audio content, and yet, with two partners equally as enthusiastic about podcasts, we were determined to make it happen and make it great. DYEP challenged me in ways other projects hadn’t, pushing me to reignite my creativity, be thoughtful in my word, and reflective of my judgement.

To Lainey and Alex—thanks for being the best co-hosts a podcast nerd could ever ask for. I am so excited to see where you take Do You Even Podcast?. I know it’s headed toward a bigger and brighter future with you two at the helm!

This podcasting experience with Lainey and Alex has given me so much more than can be sufficiently explained in a blog post. Just know that I’m grateful to have been a part of this project for two seasons, and I’ll continue to fan-girl over podcasts forever. What can I say? It’s kinda meta.