Feeling the Love in February

February’s almost over, Valentine’s Day has come and gone… But if you’re still in a loving mood, we have a quickie round up of some pods to keep you warm during the last trickle of winter. Here’s our post-Valentine’s-Day-Why-Is-It-Still-So-Cold-Outside-I-Need-A-Snuggle roundup for every type of love out there. Looking for a Real Love Story? Try outContinue reading “Feeling the Love in February”

S3: E17 The Two Words You Can Never Say on a Podcast

Hey Podpals, We hope you’re as thrilled about our new format as we are! Every month, we’ll share some updates and recent listens, a BYOP, and an interview with a special guest. Updates, News, and Recommendations Bittersweet deets on The Nod—their podcast is ending, but they’re coming to TV! Our recent recs and listens include:Continue reading “S3: E17 The Two Words You Can Never Say on a Podcast”