Guest Pod Post: Sinduja Srinivasan and Anna Rothschild from PODCAST-19

We’re pleased to share a new guest pod post this week! Sinduja Srinivasan and Anna Rothschild share a bit about their timely project PODCAST-19.


We’re PODCAST-19 from FiveThirtyEight, hosted by Anna Rothschild. Anna is FiveThirtyEight’s Senior Video Producer. Previously, she was the on-air science host for The Washington Post, where she launched the variety show Science Magic Show Hooray! on Amazon Prime. She’s also the creator, host, and animator of the popular YouTube channel Gross Science for NOVA and PBS Digital Studios. 

Our Producer is Sinduja Srinivasan. The trajectory of her podcasting career has been completely directed by COVID. Her first day as a junior producer at Science Vs (from Gimlet Media) was the day the World Health Organization declared a pandemic! So Science Vs switched from astrology to virology, and Sinduja reported on the science of the coronavirus as it was unfolding. In her pre-podcast life, she was an economist for the United Nations. She also created, hosted, and produced the United Nations’ podcast, UNcomplicated.

FiveThirtyEight’s COVID-19 podcast is laser-focused on evidence—what do we know about the novel coronavirus, and what do we know we don’t know? COVID-19 has pushed Americans into more uncertain territory than most have ever known. We investigate coronavirus mysteries, debate when it’s safe to reopen the economy and keep track of the latest scientific developments on vaccines and treatments. We do it all with FiveThirtyEight’s trademark blend of transparency and rigor.

Our goal is to show a different side of the current coronavirus topic d’jour — for example, we talked to Anthony Fauci about which celebrity he’d like to see get vaccinated, conducted a vaccine-ethics “lightning round” with three bioethicists, and considered the implications for the healthcare system in 10 years, if even only 10% of covid survivors have long-covid.   

Our podcast helps listeners understand what about the pandemic they can be certain about, and what is still unknown.


Thank you, Sinduja and Anna! You can find the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, and, of course, on

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