It’s Been A Minute!

Hey Pod Pals,

We’ve missed you—it’s been too long!

The past couple months, we’ve been hard at work regrouping and focusing on the strongest strategy to give you the best recommendations and line up some exciting interviews. While a hiatus isn’t always easy, we’re very excited about the great things ahead.

Our editorial calendar is filling up, and we’re pleased to announce we’ll be returning Monday, June 7th with a new episode featuring all your favorites—the latest pod news, a BYOP, Calendar Corner, and of course, a knockout interview.

Keep checking back here and on our social media for updates, as we have a new guest pod post coming to the blog this week, and we’ll be dropping a sneak peek mini-sode of what’s to come later this month!

If you haven’t already, sign up here to join our newsletter and get all the updates straight to your inbox. And if you need something to hold you over until June, try out one of our most popular backlist episodes:

More to come,

Alex & Lainey

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