S5: E2 Top O’ the Month to Ya!

We’re excited to roll into March with all the podcast content you need!

We start out with some news and recent listens, then transition to Lainey’s twisty BYOP (that’s “Bring-Your-Own-Podcast” if you’re new around these parts). And, this month we split our content into TWO episodes. In S5: E2.5, we welcome podcaster Kacie Willis to talk about her show You Heard Me Write. So, give a listen and let us know what you think!

Interview with The Slowdown's Myka Kielbon Do You Even Podcast?

We're back for the second part of our April episode. We celebrate National Poetry Month by interviewing Myka Kielbon, the producer of the acclaimed podcast The Slowdown. Find out more on Twitter and Instagram (@doyouevenpod), as well as on Facebook. Find show notes and links to the pods we covered at doyouevenpod.com. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/do-you-even-podcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/do-you-even-podcast/support
  1. Interview with The Slowdown's Myka Kielbon
  2. S5: E3 Trees Need Love Too, Ya Know!
  3. Interview with You Heard Me Write's Kacie Willis
  4. S5: E2 Top O' the Month to Ya!
  5. S5: E1 Is It A Rivalry If I Don't Know Who You Are?

In the (Podcast) News

What We’re Listening To

BYOP (Bring Your Own Podcast)

This month, Lainey’s BYOP was Sweet Bobby!

Kirat is a successful radio presenter. On Facebook she meets Bobby, a handsome cardiologist. He’s a catch. Soon, they get tangled up in a love affair full of lies and manipulation. Then… Kirat discovers a deception of almost unimaginable proportions.

From the makers of Finding Q, this is Sweet Bobby. A live investigation, in six parts, in search of one of the world’s most sophisticated catfishers.

Here’s an interesting interview with the host from Sweet Bobby: “Alexi Mostrous tells the story behind his hit podcast Sweet Bobby, plus February’s best new podcasts.”

And that rounds out our first new episode of the year. Don’t be shy—let us know what you’re listening to by DMing, emailing, or Tweeting us!

—Alex & Lainey

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