S4: E1 Podcasts on Fleek (feat. Bodies)

Hi Pod Pals! Thanks for joining us for our first episode of the season. Start listening here and find notes below! In the (Podcast) News Netflix’s Present Company with “Sarah Paulson” and “Millie Bobby Brown“ Netflix Is A Daily Joke (Lainey recommends this for fans of Good One) What a Day from Crooked Media Throughline‘sContinue reading “S4: E1 Podcasts on Fleek (feat. Bodies)”

Guest Pod Post: Noa Fleischacker from the TIGHT LIPPED Podcast

While planning our season four schedule, the DYEP team decided to take time to highlight podcasts straight from the creators. Today, we welcome Noa Fleischacker from the Tight Lipped podcast. Tight Lipped is a podcast all about female chronic pain, exploring “how gender, race, sexual orientation and class impact women and non-binary folks’ experiences ofContinue reading “Guest Pod Post: Noa Fleischacker from the TIGHT LIPPED Podcast”