Podcasts in a World of Coronavirus

Hi pod pals,

Welp, NYC is officially on semi-lockdown! We just wanted to check in during this time of high anxiety and let you know we are thinking about you. Below are a few podcasts to help you understand the developing news or just to take a break from the intense rush of information. We are always here for you and we won’t stop the podcast recommendations—especially when we have a lot of time for extra podcast listening!

For a full list of podcast recommendations that will give you more information on Coronavirus, check out our last Instagram post.

What Alex is listening to:

What Lainey is listening to:

Looking for podcasts to listen to with the whole family? Check out our kid-friendly podcast recs here.

We wish you health and safe spaces! Let us know what you are listening to during your time at home. Email us at [email protected].

We’ll get through this together.

—Lainey and Alex

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