Guest Pod Post: Mike Spear from the CAUSE AND PURPOSE Podcast

We have another fantastic guest post from a fellow podcaster! Today’s post is from Mike Spear, creator and host of Cause & Purpose from Sound Mind Productions, a show for, and about, social impact professionals. Cause & Purpose follows a casual interview format that’s designed to foster deep conversation, and explore the inspirations, decision points, successes, and lessons learned that guests have experienced throughout their lives and careers. Each episode features a different nonprofit leader or social entrepreneur and their stories.


I have been working on the Cause & Purpose project for exactly one year, since December 2019 and it is finally live and ready to share. It took us a bit longer to put this thing together than I ever imagined, but the hard work paid off and we’re off to the races. I’m incredibly proud of the production quality and content we’re putting forward, and I hope to add a ton of value to the social sector through the stories told by our guests. Each episode features a different nonprofit leader or social entrepreneur. The main focus will be their stories—the ups and downs, the inspirations, successes, failures, and lessons learned from lives and careers spent addressing a variety of social challenges. Each episode will include some tangible takeaways listeners can put to work in their own organizations, but it should be an entertaining listen for anyone interested in social good and making the world a better place. 

I’ve been working in the social sector for nearly 15 years now, first as a journalist and filmmaker. Then, I spent time on the technology side, helping to build a company called from a tiny startup in San Diego, to a thriving fundraising platform whose clients have now raised more than $2,000,000,000 for an array of important causes all around the world. I left Classy about a year ago, and have begun working hands-on with nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations of all kinds on their growth, culture, and impact. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with countless organizations in a variety of ways, and have met some truly extraordinary people. I’ve learned from them, been inspired by them, and am continuously humbled by the incredible differences they’re making in the world—in their own communities and in the lives of people they might never even meet.

Cause & Purpose has been a passion project of mine for some time, and I can’t wait to share it with you.   


Thank you, Mike! And listeners, make sure to catch the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and wherever else you feed your podcast addiction. Find the show on Facebook and on Instagram @causeandpurpose.

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