Guest Pod Post: Brian Sheehan from TV Trivia Pod

Pod pals, please welcome Brian Sheehan to the DYEP Blog! Brian hosts TV Trivia Pod, and he encourages you to find out more about the show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And, if you’d like to support the TV Trivia Pod, he releases bonus episodes AND bonus questions on his Patreon page after every free episode, along with movie trivia and more!


I’m Brian Sheehan, and I host TV Trivia Pod!  I love watching movies and shows, quoting all the great moments, keeping up with the latest trailers, eating popcorn for dinner, and so on. TV Trivia Pod is for people that love TV. It’s for people that finish the quote you were saying after only the first three words, or can relate something back to that episode where this happened. And, it’s for people that enjoy trivia!  For example:

  • What was the name of Angela’s cat that Dwight put in the freezer? 
  • Where does Rick ask Morty to hide the megaseeds to get through customs? 
  • Butcher compares The Boys to what music group? 
  • What is the nickname of the priest-turned-homeless man whose life the gang at Paddy’s Pub continually makes worse? 
  • One year for Abed’s birthday, the gang at the Community college, Greendale, dress up like characters from what movie? 

This podcast is for people that can’t get enough of trivia on their favorite TV shows. And it’s not deep dive stuff—nothing about who directed that episode, what did that actor do before their claim to fame, etc.  Questions come directly from the episodes, so as long as you’ve seen it, you can play!

In one sentence? I hope listeners can have fun answering questions and remembering their favorite moments from their favorite shows.


Thank you, Brian! We encourage our listeners to get out there and brush up on their trivia!

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