Guest Pod Post: Elizabeth Emery from Hear Her Sports

Pod pals, we have another great guest joining us on the blog—please welcome Elizabeth Emery, the creator and host of Hear Her Sports. Elizabeth Emery is a big fan of sports and female athletes. She leaves every interview smiling, super excited, energized, and motivated. She loves introducing their inspiring stories to a larger audience.


I am a former professional athlete who has been interested and involved in sports since before the passage of Title IX. In the ’90s, I raced bicycles professionally, traveling all over the country and the world. I won the US Time Trial National Championship, a gold medal in the Pan American Games, the Pan American Championships, and the Tour of Japan. I raced in The Tour de France for many years when it was called The Grand Boucle and in multiple World Championships for Team USA. Through interviews I have access to incredible athletes who really serve as co-hosts and are able to speak to listeners in a range of voices.

Less officially, but just as important these days, is that I am an athlete finding needed comfort, self-care, and strength in physical activity and being outside. I’m also a podcast host & producer trying to create more space for women to tell their stories.

Hear Her Sports comes out every other Thursday with long-form, intimate profiles of female athletes breaking boundaries, speaking up and living with power & confidence. The format gives guests all the time and space they want to introduce themselves to listeners and get into how they train, what they value, and how they think. I launched Hear Her Sports after hearing the stat that 44% of athletes are women and only 4% of sports media coverage is about women. That was in 2016. Here we are in 2021, and it’s about the same! I’m certainly seeing and my guests talk about shifts in the industry but progress is slow.

I want listeners to take away from the podcast an introduction to a range of special female athletes doing spectacular things and, at the same time realize, as recent guest Meg Fisher said about herself, my guests are regular people and listeners can accomplish great things too.


Thank you, Elizabeth! And listeners, make sure to catch the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, and wherever else you feed your podcast addiction. You can find out more about the show at and on social at @hearhersports.

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