Podcast News Round-Up: February 2022

Want a quick glimpse into what’s going on in the world of podcasting? Below, you’ll find a round-up of news articles about all things podcasts for the month. Happy listening!

  • Podcasts are resonating with diverse audiences” by Nielsen
    • We talked about podcast statistics from Nielsen on the last episode. An interesting part of this data is the listenership of diverse communities. They say: “As people look for content to accurately articulate and illustrate their lived experience, there are a burgeoning number of options, especially when you consider audio platforms.”
  • TikTok Influencers Set Their Sights On Podcasting World.” by Inside Radio
    • TikTok stars are moving to podcasts. We’ve covered several of these shows, including GhostHoney’s Dream Machine. There are many, many more. Hmmm…maybe we see a future blog post about TikTok-ers in our future. 🔮
  • Podcasting Hall of Fame inductees to be named today” by Podnews
    • See the list of 2022 inductees to the Podcasting Hall of Fame, including Marc Maron, here.
  • Top Ten Podcast Advertisers Doubled Spending In 2021; BetterHelp Was Top Spender.” by Inside Radio
    • “The top ten podcast advertisers spent a combined $279 million last year, more than double the $145 million Magellan AI says the biggest buyers spent on podcast ads during 2020.” Advertising spends are increasing, but interestingly the ad lengths are decreasing. “But Goforth said one of most interesting trends last year was the continued growth of 30-second ads. Traditionally the 60-second ad was the most coveted, but Goforth thinks it reflects more brand awareness ads coming into podcasting.” And NBC is a new advertiser spending the second largest amount of money on podcast advertising. Wonder if that has to do with the launch of Peacock streaming?
  • Spotify’s Joe Rogan Controversy Isn’t Over Yet” by Time
    • Still not sure about all the Joe Rogan beef? We covered the majority of this issue on our last podcast, but if you want updates, check out this article. You won’t be surprised to know that money is the driving factor for Spotify’s delay in decision making.

That’s it for this month’s news round-up. For more podcasting news, listen to our latest podcast episode:

Interview with The Slowdown's Myka Kielbon Do You Even Podcast?

We're back for the second part of our April episode. We celebrate National Poetry Month by interviewing Myka Kielbon, the producer of the acclaimed podcast The Slowdown. Find out more on Twitter and Instagram (@doyouevenpod), as well as on Facebook. Find show notes and links to the pods we covered at doyouevenpod.com. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/do-you-even-podcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/do-you-even-podcast/support
  1. Interview with The Slowdown's Myka Kielbon
  2. S5: E3 Trees Need Love Too, Ya Know!
  3. Interview with You Heard Me Write's Kacie Willis
  4. S5: E2 Top O' the Month to Ya!
  5. S5: E1 Is It A Rivalry If I Don't Know Who You Are?

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