Happy Black History Month!

Hey pod pals! February is in full swing, and I’m excited to uplift some great podcasts that are either hosted or led by Black creators. I am constantly gabbing about the same shows that I keep in my rotation (sorry, not sorry), so this month I decided to shout out three shows that I love and highlight three shows that I’m going to try for the first time! If we’re mutual listeners to any of the below, give a shout! And if they’re all new to you, I hope you add a few new shows to your queue.

Alex’s Oldies, But Goodies


I cannot talk about this podcast enough! This highly produced, insightful audio documentary about the legacy of Hurricane Katrina will make you think about natural disasters, class, government, news media, and humanity in very different ways. Hosted by Vann R. Newkirk II, it’s an eight-part series that will stick with you for a long time.

Scam Goddess

If you’re a listener of DYEP, you probably know what I’m going to say about this show…it’s the only true crime that I can handle! It’s all about scammers with host Laci Mosley inviting different comedians to the show for extra laughs. Definitely a fascinating and fun listen.

Therapy for Black Girls

Over the past couple years, I’ve leaned on wellness podcasts much, much more. This show always brings interesting conversations about mental health, emotional development, and more. Plus, the host Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is based in Atlanta, Georgia (my hometown!), so it’s definitely a winner in my book. Highly recommend for those who are seeking shows offering therapy resources and support.

Alex’s New Listens

Black History Year

Black History Year connects you to the history, thinkers, and activists that are left out of the mainstream conversations. You may not agree with everything you hear, but we’re always working toward one goal: uniting for the best interest of Black people worldwide.

This show seems to feature strong interviews and a variety of topics related to Black culture past and present. Excited to listen!

Black in the Garden

Hosted by millennial black plant enthusiast and self proclaimed Plantrepreneur, Colah B Tawkin, “conversations WILL be had” on a range of topics that directly influence and impact black plant keepers as we blackily impact and influence the world.

I’ve temporarily adopted one of my friend’s beautiful monstera plants, so it’s truly in my best interest to step up my plant game. Hopefully this show will have some tips or simply provide plant mom support.

Truth Be Told

Through wisdom from some of the greatest thinkers of our time, host Tonya Mosley explores what it means to grow and thrive as a Black person in America, while discovering new ways of being that serve as a portal to more love, more healing, and more joy.

This show is returning for a brand new season on February 17th—looking forward to giving this wisdom-driven podcast a shot this month.

And, don’t miss S5: E1 “Is It A Rivalry If I Don’t Know Who You Are?”, which has even more BHM recommendations during Calendar Corner.

Interview with The Slowdown's Myka Kielbon Do You Even Podcast?

We're back for the second part of our April episode. We celebrate National Poetry Month by interviewing Myka Kielbon, the producer of the acclaimed podcast The Slowdown. Find out more on Twitter and Instagram (@doyouevenpod), as well as on Facebook. Find show notes and links to the pods we covered at doyouevenpod.com. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/do-you-even-podcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/do-you-even-podcast/support
  1. Interview with The Slowdown's Myka Kielbon
  2. S5: E3 Trees Need Love Too, Ya Know!
  3. Interview with You Heard Me Write's Kacie Willis
  4. S5: E2 Top O' the Month to Ya!
  5. S5: E1 Is It A Rivalry If I Don't Know Who You Are?

As always, we love to hear what you think! Slide into our DMs, shoot us an email, or tag us with your thoughts. Happy listening!


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