S3: E18 Girls Just Wanna Podcast

We are back and MARCH-ing in formation for Women’s History Month! We have lots of podcast news, a BYOP, and a special women-led podcast interview on this month’s episode. Listen to the show and find the show notes below.

In the (podcast) news:

BYOP (Bring-Your-Own-Podcast)

It was Lainey’s turn to bring a surprise (to Alex) podcast that she’s loving. She brought The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon from Funny Or Die. Here’s the description:

Randy Beslow lost the role of Footloose to Kevin Bacon and has spent the last 30-plus years blaming Bacon for the way his life turned out. After he hits rock bottom, he snaps and embarks on a mission to hunt down Bacon and exact his revenge.

This 10-episode, Spotify-original podcast that features the ACTUAL voice of Kevin Bacon is so delightful!

Find a few articles about the pod here:
“‘The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon’ is a new Spotify podcast starring the famous actor” on Philly Voice

“Kevin Bacon is so in on the six-degree of Kevin Bacon joke” on CNN

Watch a video with Kevin on Funny Or Die here.

Find the tweet Lainey mentioned to the left.

We can’t wait to hear more from this podcast and what your six degrees from Kevin Bacon are. Email us with your claim to fame!

Interview with Ancient History Fangirl Hosts Jenny Williamson and Genn McMenemy

In celebration of Women’s History month, we combined both women and history into our episode when we interviewed the lovely ladies of Ancient History Fangirl! A huge thanks to Jenny and Genn for taking the time to come on the show. We chatted about their origin story, what they’ve learned, and what to expect in their new season (which is available now. because timing. ur welcome). Find a description of the show below and check out their awesome new cover art!

A informative and humorous history podcast focusing on the true stories and tall tales of the ancient world. Hosted by the fantastic Jenny Williamson and Genn McMenemy, the Ancient History Fangirl podcast has covered everything from misbehaving emperors to mythological mayhem—and they’re still going strong, four seasons later!

Here’s a link to the Ancient History Fangirl episodes we mentioned specifically:

Of course we had to ask Genn and Jenny for their history podcast recommendations. Find a list here:

Here’s a list of Ancient History Fangirl‘s social handles and links:

That’s it for this month! Let us know your favorite #GirlPower podcast on social or through email. We’ll mention it on the show.

Ta-ta for now,

Feeling the Love in February

February’s almost over, Valentine’s Day has come and gone…

But if you’re still in a loving mood, we have a quickie round up of some pods to keep you warm during the last trickle of winter. Here’s our post-Valentine’s-Day-Why-Is-It-Still-So-Cold-Outside-I-Need-A-Snuggle roundup for every type of love out there.

Looking for a Real Love Story?

Try out Modern Love from The New York Times. Their backlist is INSANE, and they cover everything from romantic or familial love to breakups and acts of forgiveness. Grab a tissue or two, because some of these episodes are tearjerkers.

Feeling Thirsty?

Stay hydrated with Thirst Aid Kit—an absolutely hilarious and spot on podcast from Slate. Cohosted by Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins, this show is unabashedly about desire and leaning all the way in.

Need Some Self Love?

Therapy for Black Girls is a long-running show with the goal of mental wellness for black women and girls. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford hosts this intersectional pod that offers weekly episodes featuring great guests. PLUS, they also have great resources here for finding a therapist near you.

Are You A Fiction Fiend?

On a previous episode, we raved about 36 Questions—A Podcast Musical, the three-part scripted production (based on the infamous 36 questions study) with actors Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton. So…what are you waiting for? Dive in, and thank us later.

As always, we love to hear from you—let us know what your February favorites were!


S3: E17 The Two Words You Can Never Say on a Podcast

Hey Podpals,

We hope you’re as thrilled about our new format as we are! Every month, we’ll share some updates and recent listens, a BYOP, and an interview with a special guest.

Updates, News, and Recommendations

Our recent recs and listens include:

In honor of Black History Month, we also provided a roundup of podcasts from black creators, or shows that uplift black stories and voices:

BYOP (Bring-Your-Own-Podcast)

This week, Alex brought the deets on Subtitle, a podcast focusing on linguistics and how language affects the world around us. Here’s a quickie description from the creators themselves:

Language unites and divides us. It mystifies and delights us. Patrick Cox and Kavita Pillay tell the stories of people with all kinds of linguistic passions: comedians, writers, researchers; speakers of endangered languages; speakers of multiple languages; and just speakers—people like you and me.

Alex discussed “Words We Love to Hate,” “The Language of Diamonds,” and “Gullah Geechee Enters The Academy,” but there are plenty more episodes to binge.

Check out the podcast here on Twitter, and visit the website for photo content and a space to keep the conversation going.

Interview with On the Green Fence Hosts Neil King and Gabriel Borrud

Make sure to listen to our deep dive on all things environmentally focused with Neil and Gabe, the hosts of On The Green Fence! Here’s a quick description of the show:

Two regular guys with no set environmental
views—hosts Neil King and Gabriel Borrud—explore controversial issues through the lives of real people. Their inquisitive and entertaining adventures take them across Germany, talking with climate protesters, an organic farmer and a wolf psychologist, taking a shower with contaminated water, fighting mosquitoes and going dumpster diving.  Equipped with a good dose of skepticism about the greenies, American Gabriel and British-German Neil bring their very personal views on their journeys into new terrain in this five-part
mini series.

We had an enlightening and inspiring discussion with the two of them—check it out, and you might even catch a few juicy details about their upcoming season.

Connect with them on Twitter (@dw_environment) and Instagram (@dw_globalideas), and you can find episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Thanks for joining us—we’ll see you next month!


How I Learned More About TikTok Through Podcasts

Hello, my name is Lainey and I have a TikTok addiction. Welp…the first step is admitting it, right?

To quote the devil itself: “I downloaded TikTok as a joke and now I’m addicted.”

I started watching these 15 second viral videos because I kept seeing a few that permeated other social media platforms. Originally, I refused to touch the app because it evolved from Musical.ly, a lip-syncing video app that came right after the fall of Vine. I held a lot of animosity because of Vine and Musical.ly’s overlapping lifespan. Little did I know that TikTok could fill the Vine-sized hole in my heart.

So what did I do when I wanted to know more about this tremendously delightful waste of time—naturally, I turned to my safe space: podcasts. I found myself looking for any podcast episode related to TikTok.

I listened to “The Strange World of TikTok” from The Guardian and “How TikTok Took Over the World” from eMarketer.

First of all, what the app is: a platform for making short videos, usually with music. What it’s not: VINE. or traditional social media where you interact with people you may know in real life. Also, unlike Vine, it doesn’t feel like you are getting content created by a friend. The algorithm is chaotic and creators don’t yet have the strong brands that are associated with other platforms, such as YouTube. Although I’m a cynic and have hope that creators will find a way to monetize—which was one of the biggest reasons for the downfall of Vine. Ok, I’ll stop talking about Vine now. Vine.

According to these podcast episodes, there are half a billion users as of October of 2019, with 65 million residing in the U.S. (as of a year ago). They are mainly younger users—although I resent that generalization. TikTok comes in third—a solid bronze—behind Facebook and Instagram as the largest social media platform. The podcast hosts contribute TikTok’s popularity to being more entertaining than traditional social media platforms or news-based websites, allowing you to escape for a while. I can speak from experience—you get lost for a little too long. They also highlighted some of the negative press the app has received, mainly censorship (it’s owned by a Chinese company) and lack of continuity within community guidelines.

I’m very interested in how this app will grow, change, or even possibly peter out. I predict that they will find ways to slip in ads or create experiences around products, much like Snapchat. I mean, look at what the Washington Post has built in a very short time. (For more information, listen to this podcast episode with the WP‘s TikTok Mastermind, Dave Jorgenson) But overall, I’m glad that there is another platform that allows the younger generation space to think creatively and—more importantly—laugh. Much like an older platform that won’t be named.

Now, on to your TikTok education. I picked five of my favorites that will give you an idea of some of the trends. First, see this ‘ready player one’ gamer trend. Then there is the perfect encapsulation of music meets comedy that the app does so well here. Now, here’s a way to explain TikTok to your Boomer family members. This one is just funny no matter who you are. And lastly, this one explains how I feel in 2019 vs 2020 about TikTok.

Enjoy and find a friend that can rein you in after a major TikTok binge (Alex).


Your Winter Podcast Cuddle Buddies

Hey listeners,

We’re taking a break from recording this week, but no fear—plenty of recommendations are here! Perhaps you’ve gotten your fill of holiday family time, or maybe you’re simply looking to switch up your pod rotation for the rest of December. Either way, here are a few snuggly podcasts to keep you company through the cold winter months.

Find a category and get to bingeing!

Journalistic & Investigative

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 6.55.30 PMLove a narrative deep-dive? Try out all three seasons of Slate’s Slow BurnIf you’re a presidential history fan, the first two seasons will meet your needs (they focus on the scandals surrounding Nixon and Clinton. The third season switches it up and follows the murders of music legends Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.


npr_codeswitch_podcasttilePerhaps the holidays have brought up some tough conversations about identity, race, or politics and you need some backup…try Code Switch from NPR! With episodes dating back to 2016 and continuing content, there’s plenty to dive into for the rest of winter.


Fictional & Storytelling

imagined life

Imagined Life from Wondery is the perfect podcast for those who appreciate a blend of fiction and nonfiction elements. Focusing on a different historical figure each week, this storytelling show keeps you guessing until the very end.



OHC+Season+2+LogoSeeking something a little more magical? The Orbiting Human Circus might be your pick! From WNYC Studios and the creators of Nightvale Presents, this immersive audio production has been going strong since 2018 and features a star studded cast including Tim Robbins, Charlie Day, John Cameron Mitchell, and many others.

True Crime

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 10.13.57 AMThere’s a reason My Favorite Murder has a ravenous, unmatched fan base—if you’re looking for the most bingeable true crime around, give them a shot. They release episodes twice a week (from full length to minisodes to live shows), so there’s sure to be an episode for you.


scam goddessIf murder isn’t your style, Scam Goddess (Earwolf) has you covered with all the best cons and rackets. Host Laci Mosley brings her signature humor to the show with new episodes every week, and don’t miss all the hilarious guests.




npr_tdconcerts_podcasttileAt DYEP, we’re huge fans of Tiny Desk from NPR! This great pod has introduced us to new artists, but it’s also shown us another side of our old favorites. Make sure to check out the Youtube channel for the full videos.



song explFor a deeper dive into music, try Song Exploder. Every week, a different creator breaks down their songs and walks listeners through their creative process. There’s something for everyone, from fans of Meek Mill to lovers of Bon Iver.



Happy listening and happy holidays!