We’re Back! Sneak Peak at Season 4

Hi Pod Pals! We’ve missed you! Join us for a quick catch up and hear about our first interview of the new season: Bodies with Allison Behringer. That episode will be coming out on December 1, 2020. Until then, we gave you a few podcasts to tide you over. Listen to the episode here: DoContinue reading “We’re Back! Sneak Peak at Season 4”

Your Winter Podcast Cuddle Buddies

Hey listeners, We’re taking a break from recording this week, but no fear—plenty of recommendations are here! Perhaps you’ve gotten your fill of holiday family time, or maybe you’re simply looking to switch up your pod rotation for the rest of December. Either way, here are a few snuggly podcasts to keep you company throughContinue reading “Your Winter Podcast Cuddle Buddies”

S3: E14 Interview with Alex, Hana, and Rachel from Lindsey: A Radio Play

Hi pod pals! This week, we were absolutely thrilled to chat with Alex Genty-Waksberg, Hana Wuerker, and Isabelle Platt from Lindsay: A Radio Play.  This six-part audio noir podcast tells the fictional story behind Lindsay and Sydney Lohan, twin sisters and stars of The Parent Trap…and how these two sisters became one. Creating a podcast truly takesContinue reading “S3: E14 Interview with Alex, Hana, and Rachel from Lindsey: A Radio Play”

Guest Pod Post: Marcus Wong from The ABSURDIST NEWS Podcast

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on fellow podcaster Marcus Wong (Max) from the Absurdist News podcast. Absurdist News is basically two truths and a lie with news articles! Each week a host presents 5 crazy news articles, upon which one of them is fake. At the end, the other two people have to guessContinue reading “Guest Pod Post: Marcus Wong from The ABSURDIST NEWS Podcast”